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Podcast: The Final Revenge…or something like that

Posted by iwata33 on Friday 3 July 2009


This is the final part of the podcasts posts where I will explain the rest of the podcasts that I listen to.  There are far more that I have listened to over my time with the casts but if I was to list them all here it would never end.

Infendo Radio –

This is a Nintendo related podcast that covers all the latest news, reviews and speculation around Nintendo, the Wii and the DS.  Very good, can be a little fan boyish at times and they don’t seem to want to deal with the fact that hardcore games on the Wii are all but dead but for half an hour a week it is a great way of keeping up with the latest news.

Taverncast –

This was a WoW podcast when it started for hardcore gamers, however then all the hosts stopped playing.  They have kept the cast going however and it has now turned into a general podcast where they talk about a particular topic that they want to talk about.  They also drink throughout the podcast and they explain what they are drinking at the beginning of the show and although they don’t get drunk they do have a good time.  The only drawback is that their output can be really few and far between.

Major Spoilers –

My second favourite podcast and due to the fact that it is weekly (sometimes twice a week) it is the one I listen to the most.  This is the ultimate show for comic book fans.  They review some of the latest issues, they go into detail on a trade paperback and they have polls of the week.  They are called major spoilers for a reason though, so if you don’t like to hear any of the surprises that might await you in your comic books you should read them first, they don’t spoil everything  but they do spoil enough.

Mark Kermode Film Reviews –

Dr Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo host a film review programme that has won the BBC lots more awards.  Mark Kermode brings his massive knowledge of films (horror in particular), his wit and a small amount of snobbery to review films.  They will review the latest releases, they have listener input and games.  Highly enjoyable.

The Real Deal –

The second podcast I listen to from CNET the same people who do Buzz Out Loud.  The Real Deal covers one topic that is linked to technology in some way, some of these include Chrome Vs Firefox, Phone Communications, Domain Names and audience questions.  Hosted by Tom Merritt from Buzz Out Loud and Rafe Needleman, these guys know what they are talking about.

Treks in Sci-Fi –

The second geekiest podcast I listen to, yes this is all about Star Trek and Sci-Fi.  The host covers an episode of star trek or a film franchise of some sort, plays clips from the shows, or can play the whole show.  Also goes through latest news, reviews and generally things that are going on in nerd world.  Warning only for people that are truly into Star Trek otherwise this will be far to geeky for you.

Medispective/Video Games News Radio –

The oldest of the podcasts, this show has being going on for ages.  This show is very rough around the edges and it hasn’t improved in technically quality even though it has been going to 5 years now, but that is its charm.  The hosts of which there are 3/4 review games, talk films and reminisce about their childhood (this is the best part).  It needs to be heard to be believed, you need to give it 2 or 3 shows and if you don’t like it by then you probably never will, but I have never laughed so hard at a show.

 X-Plays Daily Video Games Podcast –

This podcast takes segments of their show that airs in America and puts them into podcast form.  This includes 2 – 3 minute reviews of the latest games that are coming out.  They also have excellent coverage of E3 and other conferences, great for gamers.


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