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Podcasts Part 2

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 29 June 2009


Following on from my last post in April, here are some more of the podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis.  I am listening to so many now that I cannot keep up with them.  However what it also means is that I am never waiting for a new episode I always have something to listen too.

AppSlappy –

This a new podcast that is only up to it’s 4th episode, another one put out by Scott Johnson and his podcast broadcasting machine.  This one is all about the iPhone and iPod touch and the applications that you can buy and download for it.  They cover new developments, sales on apps, the top featured apps each week and anything else that is cool and in, in the world of apple apps.  If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then this one comes highly recommended.

BoardGames with Scott –

This is a different Scott this time and possibly one of the most geeky podcasts I listen to.  I am a great fan of boardgames and I find this video podcast a valuable resource in deciding what the next boardgame that I will be buying is.  This is also a great complement to the great website www.boardgamegeek.comwhere you can find more information.  Scott can be a little eccentric at times but if you give him a chance he will defiantly grow on you.

The Instance –

Third on the list from Scott Johnson (and not the last), this time he is teamed up with another wow head called Randy Jordan aka Randy Deluxe.  In case you haven’t guessed this podcast is all about ‘The World of Warcraft’, if you have not heard of this game then I am not sure any of these podcasts with be right for you because you are not nearly geeky enough.  I have played wow for 2 – 3 years now and the instance is not only informative about changes in the game world but also incredibly entertaining, with fairly famous guests and lots of awesome hints and tips, this one is a must if you play wow (or any mmo really).

Extralife Radio –

The Podcast that started it all.  This is Scott Johnson’s first and primary podcast that comes straight from his webcomic site that surrounds geeky culture.  Once I started listening to this show with it’s high production values (for a podcast, but all his shows have these naturally high production values) I was hooked and couldn’t wait to see what else was out there, and this has led to many other casts that I have found through Extralife Radio.  The topics change from week to week but are always something interesting and current.  If you could only subscribe to one of the shows I have mentioned this is without doubt the one to subscribe to.

A link to the cast –

I don’t generally listen to British podcasts this is only one of three that I have on my list.  It is also quite close to me because a very good friend and best man of mine is one of the hosts.  Now of course that means I am biased to a certain degree and I guess you will just have to listen to it to make your own mind up.  But what I can tell you is that my friend has been playing games all his life, he likes a variety of genres, platforms and types and his opinions are informed, fair and balanced.  This podcast comes out of Key 103 in Manchester and is all about gaming, it usually has the latest news and covers a review from each major current platform.

Happy listening



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The Lock-On Days…

Posted by iwata33 on Wednesday 20 February 2008


What some people may not know is that Sega, didn’t just make video games back in the nineties, they also made electronic games such as this fine time waster, Lock-On. Between 1994 and 1996 myself and key friends from my college days used to play this pseudo zap zone/paint balling game on a dog walking path in the Sherwood area of Preston, Lancashire.

The game consisted of a gun and a headset. When playing the game you would shoot the gun at the headset which would then make a noise to tell you that you had lost a life and a little LED in the headset would tell you how many lives you had left. There would also be an eye piece that would hang from the headset that would reflect how many lives you had so that you could keep track of them. Now bare with me, I know how it sounds, and for those of you that know me, and already think I am a huge geek, this will do nothing to persuade you otherwise. However we did try and inject a certain coolness into the whole thing. For a start we tore the eye piece off, then it just became the headset. Secondly and you might notice this from the pictures, we covered both the bright blue gun and headset in black tape. This had a duel purpose, firstly they looked much better and secondly it allowed us to hide in the undergrowth and behind trees much better, remember I’m a geek!

There would be about 7 or 8 of us that would play so we would split into 2 teams and basically play a paint ball style hunting game where we had to defeat the other team by slowly taking lives from each other. (Hey at least we weren’t stuck in doors all the time playing video games :-)). Now if this weren’t bad enough there were a number of what you might consider politically worrying things that would occur during the course of a game. For a start the teams would often just be Catholics versus Protestants, yeah I know, but that sort of thing was still important then. We were also running around with black looking guns in a public place, can you imagine that happening now and the kids being allowed to get away with it, not to mention most of the time we looked like terrorists with balaclava’s and black jumpers on.

When I look back at these days I can’t help but smile, they were ace, we were carefree, we would spend a good chunk of our Sunday’s running, jumping and generally having fun in the fresh air and it was free which to a student make whatever it is worth doing in the first place. Lock-on will always live in my heart as one of the geekiest things I have ever done and yet sometimes I wish I could go back to those days.

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