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Now that I am 31, err….

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 29 September 2008

Today marks my 31st birthday on this lovely planet we call Earth, and it struck me that this blog is now nearly a year old, and although there are not quite as many posts as I would like to have liked, I am surprised that I have managed to keep this going as long as I have, and hope it will continue.

However I am starting to feel my age, the fact that I am 31 years old, I am engaged to by married next summer and that I work at a sixth form college (ages 16 – 18 years old) all culminate to mean that no longer do I feel like I have more time ahead of me than behind me.  (Even though statistically I could still be in the first third of my life).  When I started working at the college I was 23 years old and the 5 years between me and the oldest of the students didn’t seem to be that big a gap, especially as there is 5 years between myself and my beautiful fiancee (the two facts have never and continue not to have any connection). But now there is a full 12/13 years gap and the differences are starting to show.  My frame of reference for films I grew up with, toys I played with and places we would go for birthdays are all religated to a completely different decade to that of the students.  A week or two ago I asked the students to put their hands up if they had seen ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, too many of them sat prone with a slighlty bemused look on their face.  The thought that the new fresh faces that sit before me on this crisp September day were born in 1991/2, is a very sobering thought, 1992 just doesn’t seem that long ago never mind knocking on 20 years ago.

But the real stop dead and groan ‘Oh No’ moment came when I reliezed that I have become my parents.  I now have this powerful urge to run up to all the students I see who are playing with elastic bands, pens, cotton wool etc and say ‘You will have someone’s eye out with that’.  I’m not sure what the e-version of a big sign is but I can assure you I am doing it now.  What is wrong with me, why have I become so safety consious that I now care deeply about a boy who is picking his nose with his shoe.  Some say it happens when you have kids, well if this is the case then someone, somewhere is not telling me something.  Although they also tell me that pets are a replacement for kids and if this is the case then that might explain a few things.  But just walking from one end of the college to the other I thought about all the things that could happen to me and other people mostly through accidents and I thought ‘Yep, you’re 31 now, you’re responsible, even to the point of being quite obsessive’

As I struggle to supress this new mind controlling sense of responsibility from taking control and making sure that I stay green forever I will leave you with this thought, if you saw someone stretching out, to the point of breaking, an elastic band and aiming it at someone else, what would you think? Interesting, I think I now know how old you are now.

Happy Birthday…Me!



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