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Do you remember the Boglins?

Posted by iwata33 on Sunday 14 September 2008

Do you remember the Boglins?  Released in 1987, I remember that they dominated the adverts of all kids T.V. in the late eighties to the point where parents were socially obliged to buy their kids a Boglin just to avoid the pointed fingers that accused them of child abuse, because if you listened to the T.V. “every child should have one”.  Well o.k. they didn’t say that but they might as well have done.  There were many trends and fashionable toys during the eighties in fact the eighties were so intense with this sort of thing, think about it films like Star Wars and cartoons like Transformers that appeared at the end of the seventies and start of the eighties started the toy craze that has not stopped right up until today.  And of all the toys that have come and gone, I never wanted anything more than I wanted a Boglin.

I recently rescued my two Boglins that you see in the picture above from the dusty loft and I really wished I had kept them in the original packaging.  The packaging was really cool, they came when you bought them in a cage, well the big ones did, you see you could buy them in different sizes, even really tiny ones.  Check out an image search on Google and you will see the sort of thing I am talking about.  The Boglin on the left, the blue one, spat water from its mouth, which meant you needed to keep remembering to fill the little plastic tub up when you were playing with it.  The brown one of the right was simply just a hand puppet, and that it the most amazing thing about these toys, they are just hand puppets.

The makers and marketers of these toys were geniuses, they turned a 200 year old idea into the most sought after toy in the late eighties (although I admit my memory on just how popular they were might be a little distorted by my own feelings on these… things).  And even better it was a hand puppet that was aimed at boys, and boys mainly bought them.  Boys asked, no begged their parents to buy them hand puppets, wow I never thought of it like that before, well I guess it is no surprise we (as a society) will buy any old crap so long as enough poeple want to buy it (remember Buzz Lightyear or even Cabbage Patch Dolls).  But never the less it is still one of the most cherished memories of past old crap that I have.

If you have never sampled the delights of Boglins or any of the other cool stuff from the eighties check it out at this cool website I found

Enjoy the evil Punch and Judy dolls



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