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Speaking of Buffy…

Posted by iwata33 on Tuesday 5 August 2008

In the last post I mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my favorite sci-fi type programs.  Well I know it is not brand new, but I have just got around to watching ‘Dr Horribles Sing-a-long blog’.  Written and directed by the legendary Joss Whedon, it is a musical in the same vain as the musical episode of Buffy and chronicles the exploits of Dr Horrible and his nemesis Captain Hammer.  It features Neil Patrick Harris (from Doogie Howser fame and Starship Troopers), Nathan Fillion (Serenity and Slither) and Felicia Day (Buffy and The Guild).  It has all the Whedon trademarks of a good story and very funny and the music is very fitting and enjoyable to listen to.  I really enjoyed this 45 minute of Whedon goodness.

You can watch this for free at, or if you live in America you can buy it from iTunes for about $3 which is also well worth it.

Happy Singing



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