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When did the X-Files become daytime T.V.?

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 4 August 2008



Now that I am 30 years old, I am old enough to remember some of those relatively new T.V. programs that are yet old enough to not be remembered by the students I teach at my sixth form college.  I am sat here watching ‘The X-Files’ at 5.00pm on a Monday afternoon.  When did The X-Files become daytime T.V. programming?  The daytime programming I know of starts with ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and ends with ‘The Weakest Link’ in between it includes repeats of ‘Cagney and Lacey’ and ‘Murder She Wrote’.  It should not include sci-fi classics such as X-Files, Buffy or Angel, all that now seemed to have been condemned to endless repeats on cheap cable channels such as ‘Living’ and ‘Virgin 1’.

I remember when I first saw The X-Files, it was 1993 and I was doing my maths homework in the dinning room of my mum and dads house.  I would have been about 14/15 years old.  The episode I saw was the one where a creature comes back from Mars via a probe or astronaut, it was awful. Luckily the next one I saw was the Shape Shifters one with the North American Indian werewolves.  That was it, from then on, I loved that show and I loved Sci-fi and I have enjoyed anything like it since.  In fact I am really enjoying the current X-Files esq. program airing, called ‘Supernatural’.  It all comes from a love of the X-Files.

But as I sit here and watch it thinking what should I have for tea I am also thinking “should I really watch this, daytime T.V. is rubbish, wow isn’t the X-Files looking old”.  I mean I guess it is old, 15 years old give or take a year or two.  But that is besides the point I should not be thinking doesn’t X-Files look old, I might as well be saying “geez I feel really old”.  ‘The X-Files’ and other programs of the same ilk should only ever be aired in the evenings and they will always be remembered as classics.  So that I can say to my kids in years to come, “Oh I love this, this is a classic…oh god”.


Happy Investigating




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