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All those songs…

Posted by iwata33 on Tuesday 22 July 2008

I recently bought this triple disk album on the strength of some of the adverts I had seen on T.V. and it has brought lots of memories flooding back of being in high school and college in the early to mid nineties.  The album is ‘Connected 90’s 12″ Mixies’ and can be picked up (in the U.K.) on or any supermarket (these are the cheapest places anyway).  It consists of 3 disks with about 12 songs on each disk and has all sorts of classic 90’s song remixed, from Snap – Rhythm is a Dance to Adamski – Killer.  See below for a complete song list.

For someone of my age, I entered Corpus Christi High School in Preston in 1989 and left to go to Cardinal Newman College in 1994, I then left Newman in 1996 (and then again in 1997) to go to UCLAN until 2000.  So the nineties saw me move through my education to become a fully grown man with a wide palette for many different types of music.  Of course a lot of the songs that are featured at the time of original release were classed as ‘Rave’ music and would often appear on compilations called ‘Rave 93’ and such like.  Now they are just great memorable songs, the best of the decade, and if they must be put into a genre, then they are just dance songs.

I also find that music (for me anyway) really is the best reminder of past events and feelings.  Of course scent is generally considered the best at bringing memories forward and I remember many a time when I have smelt a particular perfume and it has made me think of a past girlfriend from those terbulent teenage years.  However if it is the perfume that reminds me of that person it is then the music that will bring the memories flooding back of what we were doing at the time of that song playing, or where I was when I first heard that song.  There are some songs out there that I still cannot listen to, ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston being one of them (I know it is always the embarassing songs that bring the strongest memories as well).  But I am glad to say that all the songs on this album bring back the best of memories from my teenage years and for that I am very thankful.  If you like 90’s songs, or you are a fan of dance music, or you like remixes of old songs that you know and love, then trust me this will be a good purchase for you.

 Disc 1

  1. Stereo MCs – Connected (12″ Mix)
  2. Leftfield / Lydon – Open Up (Chemical Brothers Remix)
  3. The Blue Boy – Remember Me (12″ Mix)
  4. The Beloved – Sun Rising (Tom’s Drum & Bass Edit)
  5. The Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Bottom Won Mix)
  6. England New Order – World In Motion (Carabinieri Mix)
  7. The Soup Dragons – I’m Free (12″ Mix)
  8. Paul Weller – Wild Wood (Portishead Sheared Wood Remix)
  9. Primal Scream – Funky Jam (Club Mix)
  10. Kula Shaker – Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix)
  11. Moloko – Fun For Me (Doctor Rockit Mix)
  12. James – Come Home (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

 Disc 2

  1. Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Extended Mix)
  2. Felix – Don’t You Want Me (Hooj Mix)
  3. Utah Saints – Something Good (12″ Mix)
  4. Electronic – Getting Away With It (Extended Mix)
  5. The Grid – Swamp Thing (Southern Comfort Mix)
  6. Adamski – Killer (12″ Version)
  7. Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Knuckles & Morales Classic Mix)
  8. Sub Sub Feat. Melanie Williams – Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)
  9. M People – How Can I Love You More? (Classic Mix)
  10. Incognito – Always There (Morales Classic Mix)
  11. Freak Power – Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out (Pizzaman Remix)
  12. Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook’s Excursion In The Version)

 Disc 3

  1. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Remix)
  2. Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe – The Masterplan (12″ Mix)
  3. Arrested Development – People Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)
  4. Jamiroquai – When You Gonna Learn? (JK Mix)
  5. Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin’ (Soul River)
  6. Martine Gerault – Revival (12″ Mix)
  7. Driza Bone – Real Love (Original Mix
  8. James Taylor Quartet- Starsky & Hutch (Funky People Mix)
  9. DJ Krush & Ronny Jordan – So What! (Tuff `N’ Smooth Mix)
  10. Marxman – All About Eve (Sax `N’ Flute Mix)
  11. Omar – There’s Nothing Like This
  12. Tricky – Aftermath (LP Mix)

Happy Listening


P.S. My finacee bought Ministry of Sound Chill 1991 – 2008 and that is a very good album as well.


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