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Posted by iwata33 on Sunday 23 March 2008

prodigy experience album cover

1992, I was 15 years old, starting my GCSE’s at Corpus Christi High School in Preston.  I was working at a Frozen Food shop in the town centre, earning a grand £1.75 an hour, and even then I could still afford to buy a lot.  I still had a Spectrum computer, but a friend of mine had got a Sega Master System.  This is post is all about my first induction into the world of music.  The Prodigy Experience, The Prodigy’s first album has become one of the most emotion provoking album I can listen to, and the funny thing is I have never owned the album.

My first album (if you could call it such) was an LP by ‘Adam and thr Ants’ that my mother bought when I was 3 years old, she said I liked the songs when they came on the radio, lucky for me Adam and the Ants have become somewhat cool and retro in recent years.  Unfortunatley the same cannot be said for the next set of singles that were bought for me, ‘Shaking Stevens’, the less said about that the better.  However it wasn’t until my 15th year, sat in my friends bedroom playing Alex Kid on his Master System (II), that he put this amazing album on.

I had never quite heard anything like it in my life and it really captured my imagination.  The samples from various different programs, news reports and the infamous Charlie adverts that were iconic in the 1980’s.  I still listen to this album 15 years on and it still strikes me as fresh and original even now.  My only regret is that unfortunatly I didn’t carry on listening to cool and trendy music like my friend.  Instead I got into what was called ‘Rave’ music at the time, I say what was called ‘Rave Music’ because no self respecting Raver would have listened to the comerical rubbish that they were selling at the time. ‘Now thats what I call rave music’ was a keen favourite and it should never be spoken of again.  At least I can look back and I think there was a time when I listened to the best.  This album will stay in my memory as a doorway to my childhood and one of the brighter moments from that time.

Good Hunting


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