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The strange things we do as kids

Posted by iwata33 on Wednesday 7 November 2007


Over the past year or two I have started to read more and more comics. I read quite a few really good web comics including ‘My Extralife‘ and ‘Commissioned Comic‘. I have started to buy both mainsteam and more independent comic books from shops, and I am enjoying anything that is in the comic or cartoon form. For a awhile I was thinking maybe this is my way of handling the fact that I am now 30, that I am no longer that young kid that could do what he wanted, that I have responsibilities such as a good job, a house and a family. But then I started to think nah, I just really enjoy this type of stuff, sure it makes me feel a bit younger but thats just an added bonus.

When I started to dig out all this stuff from my childhood I actually found a few things that reminded me that this recent interest in comics and cartoons, is not so recent. I actually used to be really into all this as a kid. Above you can see a sample of the scrapbook work I used to collect, I would spend hours, (alright 10 minutes or so) cutting out that days Garfield strip, or Hagar the Horrible or any of the other strips that I enjoyed. I would stick all in this big scrapbook, and then read them over and over again. I used to love Garfield (I still do) as I am sure many people did, the characterisation was brilliant, and since I have matureed to adukthood and have 2 cats of my own (please see the images page) I have come to reliase that Jim Davies was a genius, perfectly captureing the relationship of ‘Cat and Human’ or ‘Cat and Dog’ in such a way that very few words would be used and it was all done in a look or a frame.

I got so into collecting these strips that I would fantasize about drawing my own cartoons (again something I have recently thought about doing again), I found one of my old sketch books where I would copy images (mainly from Disney) just to get the practice of drawing. I will make sure it ends up on the blog at some point in time.

I also think it is interesting that as kids it seems ‘ok’ to do things like scrap booking. I know there must be plenty of adults out there that think there is nothing wrong with scrap booking and indeed their isn’t, but it just seems that kids of a certain age are not hampered by the certain percieved social considerations that we adults decide to bind ourselves with. As kids we seem to be able to get away with doing a lot of things that as adults we are concerned about becasue of the way it would make us look. I suppose that is the ones things I miss most from my childhood and one of the things that I am trying to get back little by little.

I know this entry was a bit of a random one, but next time I will give you something that you can get you teeth into a little bit more. For now go and have a look at the Official Garfield Site and remember happier times.


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