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What goes around comes around!

Posted by iwata33 on Saturday 3 November 2007

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

I have just finished watching the new TMNT film that has recently come out on DVD and of course I couldn’t help but think about watching ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’ (as it was called in Britain, due to censorship of course) as a kid. It’s one of those cartoons that has now become a classic in most people’s memory, along with Thundercats, Ghostbusters and He-Man.

I remember the cartoon being very bright and colourful, and being very strange with lots of weird and wonderful characters many of whom did that appear in the new film (I think that was a good thing by the way). So we missed Shredder as one of the main characters that I was actually surprised not to see along with his sidekicks ‘Bebop and Rock Steady’. There was also that weird pink squidgy thing that lived inside that giant robot, can’t remember what it’s name was, but I do remember that it was the turtles equivalent to ‘Mum-ra’ from Thundercats. If I’m also remembering rightly the turtles cartoon followed that eighties tradition of having to have a strong moral message at the end and this was usually told to us direct to camera by one of the turtles again usually by the turtle who had learnt his lesson that episode, however it always struck me as being a lot less cheesy that He-Man where they would always doe that fake laugh right at the end.

I never had any of the turtle toys, I was never really into them that much I just enjoyed watching the cartoon. As for the film, I thought it was very good. I thought the story was solid and had enough depth that when they did drop some action into the mix it was a welcome break from all the character based plot that was happening. I have heard that the film is more like the comic book and if that is the case then I will definitely be checking that out.

For now you can watch the opening of the original turtles cartoon here.


One Response to “What goes around comes around!”

  1. kate said

    i am still a huge fan of fraggle rock which is repeated on one of the childrens channels on sky, as is button moon. why did we never realise it was rubbish!! literally, old washing up bottles and kitchen implements!!

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