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TRAILER: Pixar’s Brave | Major Spoilers – Comic Book Reviews and News

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 27 June 2011



TRAILER: Pixar’s Brave | Major Spoilers – Comic Book Reviews and News.

This is a new teaser for the new Pixar movie ‘Brave’, set in the Scottish highlands.  Pixar films should always be looked forward too as sure fire hits.  Hmm I wonder if this one will be…time will tell.


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Modern Retro Games

Posted by iwata33 on Thursday 12 August 2010

This is the perfect link for this site, the website Geek System has put together some mock up images of what modern games titles would look like back in the great days of 8 bit and 16 bit consoles, and I must say these look pretty convincing.

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Cool mash up trailer

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 2 August 2010

Two must see films of summer 2010 come together in this excellent mash up trailer.

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I’m still alive and I’m playing…

Posted by iwata33 on Thursday 29 July 2010

Deathspank Art

Yes, my yearly drive to start blogging again has started, we shall see how long it lasts this time.  Just to dip my toe in I am going to talk a little bit about what games I am playing at the moment.

Deathspank – X-Box Live Arcade

Produced by Hothead games (Penny Arcade Episode’s 1 & 2) and with games consultant Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island 1 & 2), this game plays like a generic light role playing game in the same mould of Diablo.  You are sent on quests, collect items and continually level up and upgrade your abilities and weapons.  What makes this worth playing is the humour and style of the game.  The quest are very generic, kill this many creatures, collect this many things however the way the story is delivered and presented to you as the player engages you and overides the fact that you have probably done these same quests many times before in all sorts of other games.  With a heavy does of influence in gameplay from World of Warcraft and storytelling from The Secret of Monkey Island, this game is well worth playing.

4 out of 5 stars

The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge Special Edition – X-B0x Live Arcade/PC/iPhone

A re-make of the 1993 classic graphic adventure by Lucas Arts again with Ron Gilbert being the main designer.  This version has updated graphics which are beautiful, spoken dialogue using the same voices as the other games in the series including the recent Tales of Monkey Island on the Wii and PC.  The Monkey Island games have long been a favourite of mine and could possibly be my favourite franchise of all time.  The storytelling is awesome and the jokes of pitch perfect.  The puzzle are ingenious and if you don’t give in to checking hints, it will have you scratching your head and then smiling from ear to ear when you work out what to do next.  All I would say is if you haven’y played any of these game before, start with The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition also on the above platforms, as it is slightly easier and will give you a great introduction to the genre and the story

4 out of 5 stars

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Playstation Portable

I am a great fan of the MGS games, but the problem is I am not very good at them.  The last MSG game on the PSP I just got frustrated with, especially the mechanic they had in the game where you got people to enlist in your army and help out.  They have simplified this for this version using a helicopter to air lift them out rather than you have to carry them to a truck. This along with all research and upgrades you can do and the variety in the missions makes this a really deep game that keeps you coming back for more.  The only sticking points are the bosses which take the form of tanks in the early game, but once you have got your head around how to defeat them, you soon progress. This is one of those must have games for the PSP and there aren’t many of those.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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Podcast: The Final Revenge…or something like that

Posted by iwata33 on Friday 3 July 2009


This is the final part of the podcasts posts where I will explain the rest of the podcasts that I listen to.  There are far more that I have listened to over my time with the casts but if I was to list them all here it would never end.

Infendo Radio –

This is a Nintendo related podcast that covers all the latest news, reviews and speculation around Nintendo, the Wii and the DS.  Very good, can be a little fan boyish at times and they don’t seem to want to deal with the fact that hardcore games on the Wii are all but dead but for half an hour a week it is a great way of keeping up with the latest news.

Taverncast –

This was a WoW podcast when it started for hardcore gamers, however then all the hosts stopped playing.  They have kept the cast going however and it has now turned into a general podcast where they talk about a particular topic that they want to talk about.  They also drink throughout the podcast and they explain what they are drinking at the beginning of the show and although they don’t get drunk they do have a good time.  The only drawback is that their output can be really few and far between.

Major Spoilers –

My second favourite podcast and due to the fact that it is weekly (sometimes twice a week) it is the one I listen to the most.  This is the ultimate show for comic book fans.  They review some of the latest issues, they go into detail on a trade paperback and they have polls of the week.  They are called major spoilers for a reason though, so if you don’t like to hear any of the surprises that might await you in your comic books you should read them first, they don’t spoil everything  but they do spoil enough.

Mark Kermode Film Reviews –

Dr Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo host a film review programme that has won the BBC lots more awards.  Mark Kermode brings his massive knowledge of films (horror in particular), his wit and a small amount of snobbery to review films.  They will review the latest releases, they have listener input and games.  Highly enjoyable.

The Real Deal –

The second podcast I listen to from CNET the same people who do Buzz Out Loud.  The Real Deal covers one topic that is linked to technology in some way, some of these include Chrome Vs Firefox, Phone Communications, Domain Names and audience questions.  Hosted by Tom Merritt from Buzz Out Loud and Rafe Needleman, these guys know what they are talking about.

Treks in Sci-Fi –

The second geekiest podcast I listen to, yes this is all about Star Trek and Sci-Fi.  The host covers an episode of star trek or a film franchise of some sort, plays clips from the shows, or can play the whole show.  Also goes through latest news, reviews and generally things that are going on in nerd world.  Warning only for people that are truly into Star Trek otherwise this will be far to geeky for you.

Medispective/Video Games News Radio –

The oldest of the podcasts, this show has being going on for ages.  This show is very rough around the edges and it hasn’t improved in technically quality even though it has been going to 5 years now, but that is its charm.  The hosts of which there are 3/4 review games, talk films and reminisce about their childhood (this is the best part).  It needs to be heard to be believed, you need to give it 2 or 3 shows and if you don’t like it by then you probably never will, but I have never laughed so hard at a show.

 X-Plays Daily Video Games Podcast –

This podcast takes segments of their show that airs in America and puts them into podcast form.  This includes 2 – 3 minute reviews of the latest games that are coming out.  They also have excellent coverage of E3 and other conferences, great for gamers.

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Podcasts Part 2

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 29 June 2009


Following on from my last post in April, here are some more of the podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis.  I am listening to so many now that I cannot keep up with them.  However what it also means is that I am never waiting for a new episode I always have something to listen too.

AppSlappy –

This a new podcast that is only up to it’s 4th episode, another one put out by Scott Johnson and his podcast broadcasting machine.  This one is all about the iPhone and iPod touch and the applications that you can buy and download for it.  They cover new developments, sales on apps, the top featured apps each week and anything else that is cool and in, in the world of apple apps.  If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then this one comes highly recommended.

BoardGames with Scott –

This is a different Scott this time and possibly one of the most geeky podcasts I listen to.  I am a great fan of boardgames and I find this video podcast a valuable resource in deciding what the next boardgame that I will be buying is.  This is also a great complement to the great website www.boardgamegeek.comwhere you can find more information.  Scott can be a little eccentric at times but if you give him a chance he will defiantly grow on you.

The Instance –

Third on the list from Scott Johnson (and not the last), this time he is teamed up with another wow head called Randy Jordan aka Randy Deluxe.  In case you haven’t guessed this podcast is all about ‘The World of Warcraft’, if you have not heard of this game then I am not sure any of these podcasts with be right for you because you are not nearly geeky enough.  I have played wow for 2 – 3 years now and the instance is not only informative about changes in the game world but also incredibly entertaining, with fairly famous guests and lots of awesome hints and tips, this one is a must if you play wow (or any mmo really).

Extralife Radio –

The Podcast that started it all.  This is Scott Johnson’s first and primary podcast that comes straight from his webcomic site that surrounds geeky culture.  Once I started listening to this show with it’s high production values (for a podcast, but all his shows have these naturally high production values) I was hooked and couldn’t wait to see what else was out there, and this has led to many other casts that I have found through Extralife Radio.  The topics change from week to week but are always something interesting and current.  If you could only subscribe to one of the shows I have mentioned this is without doubt the one to subscribe to.

A link to the cast –

I don’t generally listen to British podcasts this is only one of three that I have on my list.  It is also quite close to me because a very good friend and best man of mine is one of the hosts.  Now of course that means I am biased to a certain degree and I guess you will just have to listen to it to make your own mind up.  But what I can tell you is that my friend has been playing games all his life, he likes a variety of genres, platforms and types and his opinions are informed, fair and balanced.  This podcast comes out of Key 103 in Manchester and is all about gaming, it usually has the latest news and covers a review from each major current platform.

Happy listening


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My Brute

Posted by iwata33 on Thursday 16 April 2009

Just signed up to MyBrute online fighting game, check it out at

Happy Bashing


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Podcasts! Part 1

Posted by iwata33 on Wednesday 15 April 2009

I thought as I was talking about living in the cloud in my last post I would use this post to talk about all the Podcasts I have found and enjoyed over the last three or four years. Obviously this doesn’t really fit in with the theme of this blog, however as you will see many of the Podcasts I listen to do have a lot to do with different things from my childhood such as movies, music and video games. Anyway I thought it might be something that people might like.  Oh and I am going to split this into parts as putting all these down in one post might make it a little overwhelming.

Best of the Chris Moyles Show –

Anyone from Britain will know instantly what this is, a weekly round up of the best bits from the morning Chris Molyes show on Radio One.  For those of you who don’t listen or know of this, the humour can come across at first as very simple and childlike, but listening to them over any length of time and becoming invested in the personalities from the show make this a very funny and enjoyable thing to listen to.

Buzz Out Loud –

Buzz out loud is a technology news podcast where they take the top stories of the day in the tech world and comment on them and discuss them.  Again as you will see with many of these podcasts it is the personalities of the hosts that make them so enjoyable to listen to and this is no different and it is a great way of keeping up-to-date with everything techology related on and off the web.

Comics Coast to Coast –

This podcast is a weekly interview with either a webcartoonist or someone from the comic industry.  They tend to limit themselves to strip comics rather than the big superhero comics which is quite nice as it allows the listener to get far more focussed infromation about webcomics and strip comics in particular.  The hosts are both artists and have a lot invested in the comic world.

Diary of a Cartoonist –

This podcast comes from the stable that is Extralife run by Scott Johnson, you will see there are quite a few other podcasts on my list from this same gentleman.  This one is a personal auido blog from Scott that talks about things in his life, his values and thoughts on current events.  Anything and everything is covered and is only for those listeners that are fully invested in Scott’s world and site.

To stop this post from becoming enourmously long, I shall end part 1 there however I will update with part 2 tomorrow and another selection of podcasts I recommend people listen for.  Until then farewell for now

Happy Listening


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And I’m back…

Posted by iwata33 on Wednesday 15 April 2009


A white fluffy cloud

A white fluffy cloud

I realise that I haven’t posted anything in over 6 months but I am back and am fully living in the cloud.  I recently bought myself a new netbook and have decided to conduct a little experiment with myself I intend to do as much as I can on the Internet.  This means that I will not be installing any programs on my netbook (not that it has the space anyway) that I can access on line, so below is a list of programs I have been using and next to it as a list of services I am now using on the web.

Microsoft Office – Google Docs –

Outlook Calender – Google Calender –

Outlook to-do list – Remember the Milk –

Adobe Photoshop – Picnik –

Web Browser Bookmarks – Delicious –

Twitter App Twirl – (Not really a web app, but it allows me to get my twitter updates without being looged onto the site)

I will be adding more as the need arises. I am also using Google Gears to save the important information I need locally for the odd occasion when I will not be online.

I also have a number of online Profiles with different sites, some are shown on the very site you are looking at, here is a full list detailing what profiles I have below. – Username: iwata33 – Username: chris haythornthwaite – Username: Chris haythornthwaite – Username: HellsingChris – Username: iwata33 – Username: Hellsingchris

Feel free to follow or befriend me on any of these sites, if you would like to email me directly then you can get me at

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Now that I am 31, err….

Posted by iwata33 on Monday 29 September 2008

Today marks my 31st birthday on this lovely planet we call Earth, and it struck me that this blog is now nearly a year old, and although there are not quite as many posts as I would like to have liked, I am surprised that I have managed to keep this going as long as I have, and hope it will continue.

However I am starting to feel my age, the fact that I am 31 years old, I am engaged to by married next summer and that I work at a sixth form college (ages 16 – 18 years old) all culminate to mean that no longer do I feel like I have more time ahead of me than behind me.  (Even though statistically I could still be in the first third of my life).  When I started working at the college I was 23 years old and the 5 years between me and the oldest of the students didn’t seem to be that big a gap, especially as there is 5 years between myself and my beautiful fiancee (the two facts have never and continue not to have any connection). But now there is a full 12/13 years gap and the differences are starting to show.  My frame of reference for films I grew up with, toys I played with and places we would go for birthdays are all religated to a completely different decade to that of the students.  A week or two ago I asked the students to put their hands up if they had seen ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, too many of them sat prone with a slighlty bemused look on their face.  The thought that the new fresh faces that sit before me on this crisp September day were born in 1991/2, is a very sobering thought, 1992 just doesn’t seem that long ago never mind knocking on 20 years ago.

But the real stop dead and groan ‘Oh No’ moment came when I reliezed that I have become my parents.  I now have this powerful urge to run up to all the students I see who are playing with elastic bands, pens, cotton wool etc and say ‘You will have someone’s eye out with that’.  I’m not sure what the e-version of a big sign is but I can assure you I am doing it now.  What is wrong with me, why have I become so safety consious that I now care deeply about a boy who is picking his nose with his shoe.  Some say it happens when you have kids, well if this is the case then someone, somewhere is not telling me something.  Although they also tell me that pets are a replacement for kids and if this is the case then that might explain a few things.  But just walking from one end of the college to the other I thought about all the things that could happen to me and other people mostly through accidents and I thought ‘Yep, you’re 31 now, you’re responsible, even to the point of being quite obsessive’

As I struggle to supress this new mind controlling sense of responsibility from taking control and making sure that I stay green forever I will leave you with this thought, if you saw someone stretching out, to the point of breaking, an elastic band and aiming it at someone else, what would you think? Interesting, I think I now know how old you are now.

Happy Birthday…Me!


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